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 Old-School dkLab | Constructor | Dom_varimport: a simple PHP extension to convert nested arrays into DOMDocument 

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dom_varimport: a simple PHP extension to convert nested arrays into DOMDocument  
Dmitry Koterov,  
License: PHP License 3.01


Some of projects use XSLT as a templating engine. To build XML for such engines, we need a very fast and memory efficient way to convert PHP nested arrays and objects into DOMDocument object. Also, produced XML should be straight-forward and as simple as it could be (BTW XMLRPC, SOAP and other XML-based formats are quite sloppy in this case). So dom_varimport has been introduced: it produces DOMDocument from a nested array near 20 times faster than a hand-made code in native PHP (1 MB XML with thousands of nodes could be generated in 1-2 ms).

How to build

phpize ./configure make make test make install # or copy modules/ manually phpize --clean Then, add the following to your `php.ini` file: RPMs for Fedora, RHEL and CentOS are available in [remi]( repository.


The code: $doc = new DOMDocument(); $doc->formatOutput = true; dom_varimport( $doc, array( "a" => 111, 123, 0.5, "arr" => array("1a" => "1a"), "obj" => (object)array("prop" => "val"), true, false, "b" => null, "empty" => array(), ), "root", // optional, defaults to "root" "item", // optional, defaults to "item", if NULL - invalid tag names are hidden "key", // optional, defaults to "key", if NULL - no key attributes are inserted false // optional, if true - show notices when keys are not valid XML elements ); echo $doc->saveXML(); prints: <?xml version="1.0"?> <root> <a key="a">111</a> <!-- plain key=value --> <item key="0">123</item> <!-- numeric keys are "item" tags --> <item key="1">0.5</item> <!-- double --> <arr key="arr"> <!-- nested array --> <item key="1a">1a</item> <!-- invalid tag names are converted to "item" --> </arr> <obj key="obj"> <!-- nested object --> <prop key="prop">val</prop> </obj> <item key="2">1</item> <!-- true converts to 1 --> <item key="3"/> <!-- false converts to an empty string --> <b key="b"/> <!-- null also converts to an empty string --> <empty key="empty"/> <!-- empty array is an empty element --> </root>

Dmitry Koterov, Dk lab. ©1999-2020
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