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 Old-School dkLab | Constructor | dklab_vzset: set barier/limit for OpenVZ UBC option interactively 

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This library misses a detailed documentation, but it is used in various production projects for a long time, so you may use it too. Below is the content of README.txt file.

dkLab vzset: set barier/limit for OpenVZ UBC option interactively.
(C) dkLab,

Vzset is a very tiny utility which allows you to view current UBC
option value of OpenVZ container and type+apply a new value to
this option. This is useful when you receive a "limit exceeded"
notification by mail (e.g. over Yabeda or vzwatchd) and want to
increase an option fast.


cd /usr/sbin wget chmod +x vzset


Bellow is a log of typical vzset session (an administrator typed a new value "4703360" and pressed "y" to confirm). # vzset 10002 tcpsndbuf tcpsndbuf = 1720320:2703360 Enter new value (format is BARRIER:LIMIT or just LIMIT): 4703360 Accepted new value 4703360:4703360. Apply (y/n)? y vzctl set 10002 --tcpsndbuf 4703360:4703360 --save UB limits were set successfully Saved parameters for CT 10002

Dmitry Koterov, Dk lab. ©1999-2020
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