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 Old-School dkLab | Constructor | dklab_vzenter: "vzctl enter" using a domain name part (for OpenVZ) 

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dklab_vzenter is a simple tool for system administrators which allows you to enter an OpenVZ container (vzctl enter) specifying a minimal noncontradictory part of its domain name. Now you do not need to memorize CTID or use vzlist very often.

The installation is very simple. Just enter your host system and type:

Listing 1: Installation commands
cd /usr/sbin 
chmod +x e

The usage is simple too:

Listing 2: Usage sample
# e <domain_name_part>

Note that <domain_name_part> may have letters absence in any place (even in the middle), it it does not cause a contradictory with other names in the system. Assume you have the following 4 containers in your host system:

Let's consider how e command (shorten spelling of dklab_vzenter) works:

# e web-a-01
entered into CT 110

# e w1
entered into CT 110

# e w2
entered into CT 111

# e ns
entered into CT 310

# e test
entered into CT 210

You see, dklab_vzenter tries to find names which includes typed characters in their order, but not necessarily successively. Now let's see what would happen if more than one matches are found:

# e web
More than one match found, please detalise:

So, you may enter a container only typing a noncontradictory part of its domain name.


The dklab_vzenter tool (command-line e) speeds up the usage of OpenVZ's popular vzctl enter NNN instruction allowing you to type a domain name part instead of CTID.

Dmitry Koterov, Dk lab. ©1999-2020
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